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Fishing Charters

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Get hooked on hinchinbrook

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Fishing Charters

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Fishing Charters

Townsville / Hinchinbrook North Queensland


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Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters

fishing charters

Barramundi fishing charters Hinchinbrook

Hook up to Barra and Mackerel from creek to coast

Hooked on Hinchinbrook

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Reef & Offshore Fishing Tours

The reef and Offshore fishing of tropical North Queensland is nothing short of world class. As we travel offshore and depth increases you will notice the ocean change to a deep blue. Current lines start to appear, birds hover above crashing shoals of Tuna and flying fish scatter from the path of our boat. “You can feel it!” You just know you’re in for great day.

Fishing Charters Townsville tours are available 7 days per week for single or multiple day tours and include all the equipment you will need for a great days fishing. ( you are welcome to bring your own if you wish) You will need to bring your personals.    eg,  hat, sunscreen, camera, food and drinks, Although our boat is surveyed to carry 6 persons, all our tours are limited to a maximum of 3 as to provide a high quality, personalized service.

* Friendly/Personal Service

* Very competitive rates

* All fishing equipment included

* Sport fishing boat with shade

* Catering for all levels of experience

* Available 7 days

* Specialized Barramundi Tours

* Offshore Sportfishing Tours

* Reef fishing Tours

* Fishing Townsville to Hinchinbrook

Reef & Offshore Fishing Tours

A typical day would leave the boat ramp at 6.30am and return at 3pm. The day would include deep water jigging and bait fishing with a little trolling and soft plastic fishing thrown in. We would target species such as Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackerel,Cobia,Emperor,Nannygai,Coral Trout  but there are so many other popular species that this list would go on and on.

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