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This allowed Carlo time to rig up a 7” Jerkshad in Nuclear Chicken on a 1oz jig head and drop it straight to the bottom. The technique Carlo demonstrated was quite simple; as we drifted over the edges of the reef, Carlo lifted the rod tip up high and then dropped the rod tip back down, ensuring he kept in contact with the plastic during the process, as most bites usually occur on the drop. As expected, the skipper hooked up to coral trout within a few minutes, proving the technique works, particularly as we were unable to get a bite on flesh baits. Eager to give this a go, Carlo handed the rod over to me. The first thing I retrieved from the reef edge had Carlo calling for another small trout, although as it reached the side of the boat the red piece of soft coral didn’t resemble any trout I’ve ever landed before.

With Carlo publicly announcing that he’s not going to call any more fish, he released the soft coral back to the depths as I sent the plastic back down to the bottom and managed to catch the bottom three consecutive times. I clearly require a little more practice for this type of fishing.

We moved into the shallow edges of Bramble in 20-30m to begin drifting. Carlo rigged our hooks with bait and we began fishing the bottom. The fishing was quiet; it was mid-way through a tide turn and notably a period of the day when the fishing usually slows around the reef.

This same scenario played out a number of times with Peter managing many solid hook-ups, only to drop the fish and shut the school down. So it was time for Carlo to give me a lesson on soft plastics up in the shallows while Peter and I fished flesh baits on the bottom for coral trout.

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                         A lesson in bluewater jigging   page 4

                                        By Josh Behrend    NQ Fish & Boat Magazine Townsville

From there, Carlo moved us back into the deeper water where we managed to bring a steady stream of fish over the gunnels. Although after the hot morning bite we’d endured, I would have been satisfied if we had headed in early. I know my shoulders and arms were aching for several days as I slowly recovered from this insightful trip. If you are looking for a small group charter for either offshore or estuary, give Carlo a call 0403 386 722 or check out his website


Thanks again Carlo for the adventure. Till next time, stay safe and tight Lines.