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Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters

fishing charters

Barramundi fishing charters Hinchinbrook

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Fishing Carters Townsville offers single or muliple day fishing trips for one to three people with a choice of creek or reef fishing to suit your preference.

River and creek fishing tours are available 7 days per week and times are approximately 6.30am until 3pm. Times are subject to slight change to accommodate tides and prime fishing times.All tours include rods, reels, bait and tackle but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

Barramundi & Creek Tours

* Friendly/Personal Service

* Very competitive rates

* All fishing equipment included

* Sport fishing boat with shade

* Catering for all levels of experience

* Available 7 days

* Specialized Barramundi Tours

* Offshore Sportfishing Tours

* Reef fishing Tours

* Fishing Townsville to Hinchinbrook

Barramundi & Creek Tours

Our target species would include Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Threadfin Salmon, Fingermark and Grunter. Fishing methods include live baiting, trolling, hard body lure casting, soft plastics or fly casting. Locations include Hinchinbrook channel and its many tributaries,  Haughton river and anywhere in between.Fishing for that elusive monster Barramundi is in my opinion the most addictive of all the different species targeted. To see that massive silver flank of a Barra as she rolls on to your carefully presented lure and then feel the mighty power as she pushes deep into snag cover or turns with head shaking, lure crashing leaps as she tries to throw the hooks. This is when a lifelong memory is made in a split second. Whether you’re a novice and chasing your very first Barra or the seasoned angler looking to set a new personal best, Fishing Charters Townsville has the experience and skills to help you succeed. For the brand new angler or anyone wanting to improve their skills, Fishing Charters Townsville always offers free advice and tuition as we fish together.Even though Fishing Charters Townsville specializes in big Barramundi as a target species we do also enjoy and provide a little more relaxed creek fishing tour for those who would like to include species such as Mangrove jack, Fingermark, Grunter, Salmon, Bream, Whiting.

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